Maritime – AIS Networks


CNS Systems´ Base stations are installed at over a hundred remote sites along the Canadian coastline to track and report ship movements out to 50 nautical miles off shore for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).

The Base Stations connect to Marine Communications and Traffic Service centres and AIS central processing sites. The CCG AIS procurement and implementation is part of the Canadian marine security initiative.

CNS Systems was in 2008 also selected by the Canadian Department of National Defence to supply software for AIS data processing and storage. Data sources include AIS base stations, floating AtoN’s, vessels, aircraft and satellites.

United States of America

CNS Systems is a sub-contractor to the prime, Northrop Grumman, and is delivering the LSS software (DataSwitch), data storage and retrieval software (DataStore), AIS Service Management software (Maestro) and AIS based vessel traffic analysis software (Ocean Insight) to US Coast Guard for their Nationwide AIS Infrastructure project.

CNS Systems is the supplier to the Army Corps of Engineers for the Lock Operators Management Application (LOMA) system.  LOMA consists of AIS sensors at 200 lock sites on the US Western Rivers systems.  The AIS data is distributed, managed and archived using CNS´ DataSwitch and DataStore.  CNS Systems developed a web-based user interface to allow lock operators to see vessel traffic on the entire river system, help establish lock queues, broadcast meteorological and lock queue AIS messages to vessels, establish entry and exit alarm zones, and provide alarm reports.

Middle East

In 2010 CNS Systems delivered the first part of the Nationwide AIS surveillance system to the Middle East. Following in 2011, additional extensions have been made towards a complete Coastal AIS network including both hardware and software products.


CNS Systems have delivered a number of Base stations with Aids to Navigation (AtoN) functionality and standard functionality to Norway for use in monitoring and surveillance of oil rigs.

South Korea

CNS Systems delivered, in a successful cooperation with GMT of South Korea, AIS Base Stations in 2004 for the Korean national AIS network. The cooperation continues and during past years additional Base stations in Advanced and Basic configuration have been delivered.


CNS Systems has delivered a complete AIS Network solution for advanced communication, navigation and surveillance for the nationwide AIS system in Turkey.

The complete solution includes both CNS Systems´ well proven hardware and software products. Over 30 Base stations have been installed together with our IALA compliant AIS Service Management (ASM) software, Maestro.


In 2008, CNS Systems was awarded a contract to deliver base stations for the entire National AIS Network in Finland. The delivery was a success and in 2009 CNS Systems delivered additional base stations to the national network.


CNS Systems was, in 2005, chosen to deliver AIS Base Stations to the Australian Coastal AIS network. Additional base stations in different configurations have been delivered and installed along the Australian coastline during the past years.

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