Aviation is one of today’s most challenging technologies. Aviation connects continents and nations, inspires research and science, helps to fulfill governmental tasks and rescues people who are in dangerous situations. Finding solutions and new ideas in this fascinating field of technology is where Aerodata’s engineers and experts feel most at home. As the world’s leading manufacturer of highly sophisticated flight inspection systems we develop highly specialized and complex systems for flight traffic control organizations, aircraft manufacturers, operators of special mission aircraft and helicopters as well as manufacturers of avionics systems and devices. Here you will find the combination of state of the art technology and extensive service.


On its way to becoming successful market leader as supplier for flight inspection systems Aerodata is one of the leading distributors of airborne surveillance systems. This success is a result of the absolute focus on the conceptual design, construction and integration of system products as well as special security relevant services. Within this tight framework a unique expertise was acquired which only Aerodata has in this form. The system product technology and the efficient service are based on the identical core capabilities which ideally combine the development, manufacture and marketing. Aerodata has a wide range achievement portfolio which allows the company to rely on various customer circles and – as a result – is not dependant on aviation economic trends

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