The AVIATOR portfolio of SwiftBroadband and Classic H+ systems provides voice and data connectivity for both cockpit and cabin communications, ensuring that passengers, crew and operators experience fast and reliable connectivity at all times.
By enabling the ‘office in the sky’, passengers can stay connected using social media, email, fax and voice calling whilst logistical, navigation and safety functionality supports cockpit communications and safe and efficient operations for aircraft and fleet operators.


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Satellite Communication-at-Sea

Satellite Communication-at-Sea is now more accessible than ever before. The demand for voice and email communication, alongside web browsing, social media and data transfer has been joined by a plethora of solutions for vessel and equipment monitoring, and online collaboration which can significantly reduce operational costs and enhance safety and logistics.
Cobham SATCOM understands how important satcoms are across all maritime sectors, so we have built an unmatched portfolio of antennas and hardware that enable everything from low bandwidth text messaging and safety alerting to crew and passenger communication, fleet operations and high-end technical applications.
Choose L-Band MSS terminals like the market Leading SAILOR FleetBroadband and Iridium terminals. Or go VSAT with C-band from Sea Tel or a choice of advanced Ku and Ka-Band antennas based on state-of-the-art technology developed by the two leading satcoms innovators, SAILOR and Sea Tel.


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Team spirit and morale is vital at sea in order to get the best from your crew. With TV-at-Sea™ from Sea Tel and SAILOR, it is easy to enhance life on board and do your part for crew welfare. Once you have decided to install satellite TV, you need a system that is up to the job; Our TV-at-Sea™ systems are made to be the toughest, highest quality available, because we know that a vessel’s television has to keep on working even in the toughest conditions.
SAILOR and Sea Tel TV-at-Sea™ make it simple and cost-effective to provide a basic welfare service.
You can choose regional systems or true global reception without the need to manually reconfigure the system when moving between satellites, which means when your operations move, you don’t need to spend time configuring your satellite television systems. Other technical features that set our TV-at-Sea™ solutions apart include accommodation for any number of satellite receivers, which means multiple televisions on board can show different channels.


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Radio Communication-at-Sea

SAILOR maritime radios are built to last. Many vessels still depend on SAILOR radios fitted decades ago and today’s generation offers that same hard-wearing, rugged reliability combined with technical innovation.
Take for instance the SAILOR Replay functionality, which stores the previous 240 seconds of communication for the user to recall at the touch of a button. Considering the harsh environments our radios are used in, this feature can enhance safety and operations on any vessel.
Feature rich and rugged, we have ensured that there always is a SAILOR radio for all applications. From standard workhorse VHFs, Class D VHFs to GMDSS Class A certified radios. From Low to High powered MF/HF GMDSS systems to GMDSS approved mini-C, SSAS and LRIT solutions.
Choose fixed or portable radios for everything from oil & gas platforms, offshore vessels and tankers to fishing vessels, superyachts and leisure boats – This including intrincically safe portable radios with the necessary ATEX approvals. Whatever your vessel, stay safe and set sail with SAILOR maritime radio systems on board


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Land Mobile Satcom System

From providing connectivity and phone calls to volunteers and victims after natural disasters, to predicting extreme weather, reporting breaking news and supporting business and industry operating in remote areas, EXPLORER BGAN and VSAT terminals are tools to get the job done.
With the EXPLORER family of Portable Satcom Systems and Vehicle Satcom Terminals you can talk, email, transfer data, take part in videoconferences, use industry specific IP applications, even set-up multi-user communication networks. Set-up is simple, so you can be online and working within a few minutes of arriving at your destination. You aren’t tied to terrestrial or GSM infrastructure so communicating from remote regions in Africa, the jungles of South America or the glaciers of The Arctic is almost as easy as using a smartphone in the city.
The Cobham SATCOM EXPLORER range of Vehicle Satcom Terminals covers vehicular BGAN, Fly and Drive VSAT and Drive-Away VSAT systems, serving a diverse range of users. High-end BGAN and VSAT systems keep the vehicles of military, law enforcement, media and humanitarian organisations connected when on-the-move and when they arrive on site.


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