At the Heart of Your Communication Solution,

The BlueBox makes it possible to stay in touch and exchange high resolution imagery, in real time, from anywhere at sea. The combination of a newest generation hardware encoder/decoder and a processing unit delivers audio, video and data over satellite. The user selects resolution and frame rate to accommodate the bandwidth available – HD transmission is even possible over L-Band satellite in background IP mode.


  • Real time SD or HD video streaming at high or low bandwidths.
    • Perfect for Inmarsat, Thuraya, and VSAT satellite networks.
    • H.323 video communication from 64 kbps to 8 Mbps.
    • User-defined resolution versus fps settings.
    • “Snap & Send” HD snapshots.
    • Built-in digital video recording.
    • Fast File Exchange over satellite.
    • Live desktop sharing.
    • Integrated processor for data, Internet, Wi-Fi, server duties, etc.
    • Designed for maritime conditions.
    • Compatible to multiple PC and audio/video peripherals.
    • Can be encrypted.