Satellite Tracking Systems

  1. SkyWave IDP-800

Trailer Monitoring Device with Integrated Battery Power

Monitor trailers, containers, vessels and more with fully programmable satellite tracking

The SkyWave IDP-800 is the first low-profile, fully programmable satellite communications device with an integrated battery compartment that uses the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service on the Inmarsat network for remotely tracking and monitoring trailers, containers, vessels and other fixed and mobile assets.

The SkyWave IDP-800 is ideal for tracking unpowered equipment in both land and maritime applications requiring more data and quicker message delivery.

  1. SkyWave IDP-782

Dual-Mode Vehicle and Cellular Tracking and Driver Monitoring

Vehicle telematics for fleet management applications, using cellular or cellular-satellite communications

New! Cellular-only version now available

The feature-rich, fully programmable SkyWave IDP-782 delivers connectivity to assets in fleet management applications both in and out of cellular range. The SkyWave IDP-782 is available as cellular-only or as an integrated, dual-mode cellular-satellite device.

For dual-mode applications, fleet managers get the best of both worlds—lower cost cellular coverage and reliable, always-on satellite communications over the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service anytime the cellular network is unavailable—all from a single source provider.

The SkyWave IDP-782 features a flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions, and the use of configurable software applications for quicker deployments.

  1. PT 7000

Heavy Equipment Tracking and Telematics

Track, monitor and control heavy equipment fleets in construction, mining, rail and utilities.

The PT 7000 is a ruggedized, cellular or dual-mode construction equipment tracking and monitoring device, enabling complete visibility and more efficient operation of heavy equipment by providing access to real-time data and analytics. The device provides accurate and timely status and position information along with key operational metrics so OEMs, dealers and end users can proactively manage their construction fleet in the most remote areas of the world.

By leveraging valuable heavy equipment utilization and maintenance reports, customers can know where their equipment is, if it is productive, if it needs maintenance, if the oil pressure is within limits, and if it is being used efficiently.

The PT 7000 is part of a comprehensive telematics solution that includes sensors, connectivity and the powerful FleetEdge web application, which provides construction equipment tracking and location data, operational status as well as analytic, predictive and diagnostic tools for every asset in the fleet.