Experience reliable voice and connectivity with sophisticated, compact, low-profile On-the-Move vehicular antennas offering high performance over Inmarsat BGAN

EXPLORER On-the-move BGAN provides crucial connectivity for a variety of users from defence and law enforcement to emergency response, utility companies and media.

Live streaming/broadcast, IP and data services, voice,radio and fax are all possible whilst in transit (up to 200km/h) in almost any kind of vehicle and regardless of the quality of road surface. And when you arrive at your destination, you will be ready to transmit, even establish a wireless network, immediately.

The range consists of the EXPLORER 325, a compact, lightweight offer or the powerful EXPLORER 727, which becomes an Inmarsat Class 1 terminal when at a standstill making it the only vehicular BGAN terminal that can be used with BGAN X-Stream, Inmarsat’s premium IP streaming service.

EXPLORER BGAN is a series of L-band satellite terminals utilizing the BGAN network from Inmarsat. An EXPLORER BGAN terminal offers a broadband connection and telephony service from anywhere in the world. Every terminal features easy set-up and operation. Simply connect a PC or phone, point the terminal towards a satellite using the compass and sound indicator, and you are instantly connected from anywhere in the world.


For reliable and fast data and quality voice communication, even at high speed, choose EXPLORER 727, our flagship vehicular BGAN terminal.


Because EXPLORER 727 BGAN terminal automatically tracks satellite positions it makes high-speed connectivity and communication possible – even at speeds in excess of 200 km/h.


Run a multitude of office, security and commercial applications thanks to full IP connectivity and be ‘connected to the world’, even when you’re in your car. Or truck. Or armoured vehicle.

EXPLORER 727 becomes an Inmarsat Class 1 terminal when at a standstill making it the only vehicular BGAN terminal that can be used with BGAN X-Stream, Inmarsat’s premium IP streaming service.

BGAN X-Stream provides +384 kbps streaming when EXPLORER 727 is stationary so HD video and audio are a breeze. Even on-the-move, you can still stream up to 256 kbps with the regular streaming service.

Attach the antenna to the roof of your vehicle or place it up to 50 m away when you set up camp. Add a PoE wireless access point and EXPLORER 727 can even be used as a WLAN hotspot.


Enable your team to connect instantly. Media, government, utility and humanitarian users can improve operational efficiency through flexible deployment options and multiple equipment interfaces.

EXPLORER 727 can withstand severe environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, extreme weather and changing temperatures, so stable, reliable connectivity is inherent, even at speed.


Travel across country and never be out of touch even in the back of beyond. Say goodbye to different roaming fees when you cross borders, and benefit from the single, competitive BGAN tariff wherever you are.

Choose EXPLORER 325 BGAN Terminal for cost-effective vehicular internet connectivity, video streaming, voice communication, email and even VPN access.


With EXPLORER 325 BGAN terminal you are able to connect to the world via voice or data over Inmarsat BGAN instantly, even when your vehicle is moving.


Communicating on-the-move ensures your ability to get the job done and with EXPLORER 325, you are never out of touch, even if you’re travelling at up to 200km/h.

It enables BGAN data speeds up to 384kbps standard IP and up to 128kbps streaming, and operation down to 5°

elevation even when moving at speed across rough ground.


Benefit from a fast connection and the confidence that it won’t be interrupted when traveling through harsh environments.

EXPLORER 325 is so easy to deploy – just place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle, connect it and your PC to the terminal and you have a mobile communication hub.


You can virtually be in your office in no time at all. Access VPN, catch up on email, browse the web; with fixed pricing and no roaming fees when you cross borders.

At 35cm in diameter, 12cm high and weighing just 3.6kg, EXPLORER 325 has the smallest available vehicular BGAN antenna on the market.


The compact size and price-point of EXPLORER 325 opens up new applications for on-the-move communication, including trains and trucks.



Cobham SATCOM’s unique Push-To-Talk system is based on EXPLORER BGAN terminals and delivers extended coverage, improved call quality and lower costs for mobile workforce communications.

Hybrid solution

EXPLORER PTT extends legacy Push-To-Talk capabilities to hybrid data networks such as terrestrial 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks (where available), supplemented by the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network where no terrestrial network coverage is present.  This, combined with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration, provides seamless voice communication in any situation.  With no user intervention required, the system automatically routes voice and data traffic via the least expensive and most reliable network available.


Robust communication

EXPLORER PTT offers exceptional physical and transmission robustness. Wrapped into an all-in-one solution, it provides reliable voice and internet connectivity to vehicles operating anywhere on the planet and is a revolutionary Mobile Workforce communications solution.


EXPLORER PTT turns traditional LMR, satellite, cellular, and the internet, into a closed managed Wide Area Network, with beyond line-of-sight communication.


Diverse applications

Because EXPLORER PTT is based on utilizing already existing network infrastructure, it can be deployed across any fleet of vehicles quickly and easily. This makes it suitable for users Public Safety, Military, Energy, and Mining.


The combination of the globally available Inmarsat BGAN satellite network and regionally available terrestrial networks ensures that mobile assets are always in reach, whether servicing equipment in the field, protecting national borders, exploring for natural resources or saving lives after a disaster.