Global Number ONE

Global One Number®: Reach any in-flight aircraft handset with a single telephone number.
Global One Number (GON) was pioneered by Satcom Direct in 1997. This technology enables direct dialing to reach an aircraft in flight, regardless of location, using its unique telephone number. It eliminates the need to know in which region the aircraft is located making it simple to reach occupants wherever they fly.

The GON can be configured with the same country code and dialing area as its home base.
SD’s AeroV® service further simplifies calling to the aircraft by enabling occupants to configure their smartphones as extensions of the GON via the onboard satellite phone system.

Global One Number Features
• Quick, dependable connection in 15 seconds or less
• Customized greetings and prompts with multilingual options
• Connectivity to multiple cockpit and cabin locations
• Link multiple communications systems to the GON
• Link your entire fleet to a single GON
Utilize smartphones as GON

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