The All-in-One Airborne Surveillance Pod
The OctoPod is a unique all-in-one belly-mounted airborne surveillance pod jointly developed by AERODATA and its subsidiary OPTIMARE. It enables multi-sensor-based airborne surveillance operations while minimizing space consumption and costs for aircraft modification and certification. The OctoPod interfaces to the mission systems AeroMission® and MEDUSA®.
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• Airborne maritime surveillance
• Airborne oil spill remote sensing
• Search & Rescue
• Airborne land surveillance

Core Features
• Multi-Functional
Eight core functionalities based on eight selected sensors
Supports more than 20 different missions tasks
• Belly-Mounted
Low effort for aircraft modification & certification
Low impact on the aircraft´s cabin
• Multi-Platform
The vertical pod dimension stays within the ground clearances of the most prominent surveillance platforms
• Modular
Individually configurable from subset to full configuration
Low effort for aircraft reconfiguration
• Fully-Integrated
Full mission system integration with AeroMission® and MEDUSA®

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