SkyShield® data filtering: Removes unwanted data from your aircraft.
SkyShield from Satcom Direct is a data filter that enhances your Wi-Fi performance by blocking unwanted data traffic to and from your aircraft. It frees up your data pipe for the information you do want, giving you a faster and more efficient SwiftBroadband connection.
Get the information you need, faster.
Having the fastest possible in-flight data connection is vital to your mission. Program updates, app updates, synchronization programs, and other automatic processes can comprise up to 30% of your data activity, slowing your ability to access the information you need for your aircraft.
Four preconfigured data filter options give you the power to allow only the data that you want on your aircraft. Choose a combination of the preconfigured levels, or request a custom filter built to your specifications.

Available Data Filters
• Level 1: Software updates
• Level 2: Audio and video
• Level 3: Social media
• Level 4: Cloud applications
Custom: Custom filters may be built to your specifications