Satellite Tv Systems

OneView™: Your in-flight satellite TV entertainment solution.

With the OneView service from Satcom Direct, you can access DIRECTV, America’s #1 satellite TV service. While flying onboard your business aircraft, you can stay on top of breaking news, weather, and other standard programming. DIRECTV in-flight TV service delivers the best in sports programming, premium channels and family entertainment.

DIRECTV In-flight TV Coverage Map:


DIRECTV: United States Region ASTRA: Western Europe Region NILESAT: Middle East Region EUTELSAT W4: Eastern Europe Region HOTBIRD: Western Europe Region ARABSAT: Middle East Region

OneView Features

  • Features DIRECTV service with up to 150 channels, sports packages available
  • DIRECTV is available throughout the continental United States (CONUS)
  • International free-to-air programming is also available in Europe, the Middle East, and India
  • Compatible with Honeywell’s AIS-2000 Multi-Regional Airborne Information Systems and Rockwell Collins’ Tailwind 100 and 300 systems equipment

CONUS boundary notifications directly to the FMS using Satcom Direct’s Geo Fence